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Intestinal Bacteria May Fuel Inflammation and Worsen HIV Disease
Surprisingly, the human body consists of more bacterial cells than human cells. An important region where...
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'Epilepsy in a Dish': Stem Cell Research Reveals Clues to Disease's Origins and May Aid Search for Better Drugs
Scientists at the University of Michigan Medical School have created an exciting new model called “epilepsy...
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A Community of Microbes Help Protect Plants from Disease.
The immune system of animals is extremely complex and helps defend against a plethora of diseases. Plants,...
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A measleslike virus is responsible for the recent Dolphin die-off
Over 300 dolphins have washed up along the eastern coast of the U.S. since July 1st of this year....
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A new antimalaria drug: less expensive, simple treatment, easy to produce
Malaria is the most important tropical disease in the world, with over 665,000 deaths worldwide, many...
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