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Moderna's mRNA vaccine passes important first hurdle.
Many of you probably already heard that the Moderna vaccine raised a strong immune response in all participants...
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Taking care of a family member, caregiving, does not impact your health
In the U.S. it is estimated that at least 17 million people care for loved ones with significant health...
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A review of vaccine efforts against SARS-CoV-2
The Journal of Virology published a review by Moore and Klasse that summarizes the herculean efforts...
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What does being immune to an infectious disease mean?
There is a ton of talk, justifiably so, about developing immunity to SARS-CoV-2, and whether is it long-lasting?...
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Latest News on COVID-19
Hydroxychloroquine The NIH halted trials of hydroxychloroquine. While the drug did not show significant...
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Dynamix is Dynamite

  The last day of the week it is an option to take a rest day. If you are feeling good and not hurting too bad, I really recommend you do the Dynamix workout. It is not demanding and is so good for working out the kinks. After a week of P90X3 I was sore all over, not too bad, but I was feeling it. However, I really wanted to explore this DVD so I popped it in and I am glad I did. This is the final workout of the first cycle and it works outs out all your kinks and helps with mobility. It is a reco...

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The Warrior Workout

  This is the workout that Tony developed for traveling around the country to various Military bases. He was faced with an interesting problem, how do I create a workout that a ton of people can do at once, that doesn't require any equipment, large amounts of space, and is challenging. The answer is, The Warrior. This is an intense workout that challenges all your muscles. It is broken down into 4 complexes of 4 moves each; an upper body move, a lower body move, a core move and a cardio/plyo m...

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  When I first saw this I wondered what does CVX stand for? From doing the workout I think it stands for CardioVascular X, and this is Tony's idea of an aerobic workout. I think a better name would be Med Ball Hell. In CVX you do a bunch of moves designed to get your heart rate up and then add a med ball (or dumbbell) to add resistance to what you are doing on the upper body. The combination is a challenge. I started with a 10 pound med ball and after a few exercises I moved down to a 6 pounde...

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X3 Yoga

  This is a workout for those who don’t like yoga. You go through some nice poses, and get a little balance work in too. And you are done in no time. Ted comes back from P90X2 yoga, Terry Morrow of P90X2 Plyocide and Stephanie Saunders rounds out the cast. (Stephanie is Tony’s helper in many of his online chats and worked really closely with him developing the whole P90X3 series.)  I really liked the supporting cast, they have a great chemistry and Tony is FUNNY in this one.

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Agility X

  I can give you my impression of this workout in one word. Wow! It keeps you moving, its fun, it pushes you in all sort of directions and Tony is his hilarious self. This workout is all about doing cardio type work, yet also working on your balance and precision. You are told in How to Accelerate to create some markings on the floor with Tape, or quarters or something. You are asked to use tape, about 4 foot sizes long, in the middle mark an X and put Xs on each side of it. Make two tape strips l...

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New Microbial Ecology Chapter

  A completely reworked and modernized Microbial Ecology Chapter has been published today. Recent advances in DNA isolation and sequencing have made it possible to investigate the microbes present without culturing them. This has completely changed our understanding of the microbial population that is present in the environment and what they are doing. Finally, a clear picture of the environment at the microscopic level is emerging and in the years to come we will learn how it all fits togeth...

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P90X3 Impressions

  This series of blog posts are going to be about the new P90X3 workouts. I thought it would be fun to write my impressions of the program as I did it, to give people a taste of what it is like. I just got the P90X3 discs and of course I went through all the material. This looks like it's the same top quality as P90X and P90X2; what else would you expect from Beachbody and Tony Horton? I bought the deluxe package to get the extra workouts. You have a nutrition guide (which I will cover later),...

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Why is basic research important? Here is your answer

  In the early 1960's Tom Brock was on vacation in Yellowstone National park. He hit the usual tourist destinations, including the hot springs of the park. To his astonishment, he observed what he was sure were cyanobacteria living at temperatures over 80°C (176°F). Professor Brock went back to his lab and wrote a grant to study the microbes present in this environment. Now many would think that this research is esoteric at best. However, as part of that research, Tom discovered&n...

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A measleslike virus is responsible for the recent Dolphin die-off

  Over 300 dolphins have washed up along the eastern coast of the U.S. since July 1st of this year. Scientists at the NOAA declared a Unusual Mortality Event, allowing them to use fund and perform an extensive investigation of the cause. A combination of classic of tissue investigation along with molecular techniques  that assayed for the presence of the virus, revealed the cause to be a Morbillivirus. The Morbillivirus family includes viruses such as measles, th...

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A new malaria vaccine is 100% effective in first trials

  In a first stage trial an new type of malaria vaccine, made from whole, irradiated sporozoites, has shown itself to be 100% effective. The vaccine, PfSPZ was developed by Sanaria and its lead researcher, Stephen Hoffman, a veteran malaria researcher. This work was encourages by research in the 1970s, showing that long-lived protection could be had by exposure to thousands of bites from irradiated, infectious mosquitoes. Taking this observation and making progress has been slow bec...

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