Fitness: Agility X

Contributed by paustian on Dec 30, 2013 - 12:44 PM

I can give you my impression of this workout in one word. Wow! It keeps you moving, its fun, it pushes you in all sort of directions and Tony is his hilarious self. This workout is all about doing cardio type work, yet also working on your balance and precision. You are told in How to Accelerate to create some markings on the floor with Tape, or quarters or something. You are asked to use tape, about 4 foot sizes long, in the middle mark an X and put Xs on each side of it. Make two tape strips like this and then place them about 4 feet apart if you are in pretty good shape and agile, or less if 4 feet is too difficult. This is the first workout that uses them and this is essential. Don't blow it off and say you can imagine it, you need those targets to have your body move in exactly the right way, using the right muscles. I would liken this workout to plyometrics, but it adds a coordination component to it that is really fun. Don't beat yourself up if you can't hit the targets and you find yourself fumbling the first few times in. Just keep trying. This is the stuff that athletes do and if you work on these areas, you will become more athletic yourself. I was drenched in sweat after this one.


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