Detailed instructions for buying the book

A subscription to this online book can be purchased by creating a username and password in the registration page.

  1. Once at the page, Fill in the username
  2. Now enter an email address, do it twice to make sure you type it right. Your password will be sent to this email address
  3. Decide if you want others to view your Email address and then agree to the terms of service for the site.
  4. Finally type the word "microbiology" into the registration box. This helps to prevent spam robots from registering.
  5. You can verify your entries by clicking Verify Your Entries
  6. When you are happy with your registration, click Submit Registration
  7. The server will then send you registration information and a password to use to finish signing up.
  8. Log into the site with your username and password. Once there, it is wise to for you to immediately change your password.
  9. Once you are logged in, you should see a paypal button and a lulu button just below this text, allowing you to purchase the textbook.
  10. If you want an online subscription, click on the PayPal button and follow the directions at the PayPal site and after you have made your payment, you will immediately have access to the online book. Occasionally, instant payment notification does not work and you will need to contact us and ask for access to the site. Make sure you have registered and logged in when you do this.
  11. If you want a hard copy (this is not recommended, but some individuals still like a book they can hold) you can purchases one by clicking on the Lulu button. If choosing this option, do not sign for an electronic subscription. That comes free with the hard copy. Just forward your receipt using the Contact Us link below. You will then be given full access to the website.

Once you have paid for a subscription, you also have access to a ebook in epub format. This format can be read on most digital readers. When you have paid for your subscription, log into the site and then proceed to the download page, and download the epub book.

The 4th edition of the textbook is now officially retired. I will have a hard copy of the 5th edition available by January 17th, 2013.

Subscribe to the Book

You need to register first before you can subscribe to the book. To do this go to the registration page