Chapter 13 Basic Virology and Prokaryotic Viruses

13-1 Introduction

13-2 Viral challenges and structures

13-3 The viral life cycle, early events

13-4 The viral life cycle, late events

13-5 Lambda phage is a lysogenic virus with double-stranded DNA.

13-6 T4 is a large, lytic phage with a large double-stranded DNA genome

13-7 P22 is a lysogenic, double-stranded DNA phage that was important in the development of bacterial genetics

13-8 P1 is a double-stranded DNA phage with an unusual ability to infect different hosts

13-9 Qβ is a small, single-stranded RNA virus

13-10 M13 has a genome composed of a single-stranded, circular DNA molecule

13-11 Summary

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