Chapter 11 Regulation of Metabolism

11-1 Introduction

11-2 Regulation is a way to respond to a changing environment

11-3 The different types of regulation

11-4 Expression of the lac operon requires the presence of lactose and the absence of glucose

11-5 The tryptophan operon is controlled by repression, attenuation and feedback inhibition

11-6 Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis is directed by sigma factors and turned on by a phosphorelay system

11-7 Vibrio fischeri senses cell density using a small diffusible molecule that binds to an activator

11-8 Heat-shock gene expression is controlled by sigma factors, mRNA secondary structure, and protein stability

11-9 Nitrogen fixation can be controlled by a positive activator, mRNA stability, and enzyme modification

11-10 Summary

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