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Contributed by paustian on Jan 01, 2014 - 06:23 PM

When I first saw this I wondered what does CVX stand for? From doing the workout I think it stands for CardioVascular X, and this is Tony's idea of an aerobic workout. I think a better name would be Med Ball Hell. In CVX you do a bunch of moves designed to get your heart rate up and then add a med ball (or dumbbell) to add resistance to what you are doing on the upper body. The combination is a challenge. I started with a 10 pound med ball and after a few exercises I moved down to a 6 pounder. This workout is a testament to how well designed the program is; a difficult move (Press Jacks, Holding a weight at chest level, jump your feet out as you extend the weight upwards. Lower the weight as you return to a normal standing position) is followed by two easier moves (Atlas Twist, a lunging and twisting move) and (March and Reach). The moves come in clusters of 3, you do the first set at a “moderate” pace and pick it up for the second round. In all there are 4 sets of 12 moves, so you end up doing 24 moves. You will be sweating by the end of this, but it's a great cardio workout. Tony is again hilarious (I do like corny humor, you may not). The cast really work well with Tony and you can tell they enjoyed the workout.

Some of CVX grew out of Tony's work in the One-on-One series (for example, Medicine Ball Core Cardio). P90X3 really is a culmination of everything Tony and the rest of the Beach Body team have learned about fitness and nutrition. I loved this workout.  


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